Lobster Recipe x 4


Recipe serves 4

Ready Made Egg Yolk Pasta 400g
Cooked Lobster (Shells Roasted @180oc until Golden then Sous Vide with 100ml Rapeseed Oil for 1 Hour) 1
Butter 75g
Foie 75g
Egg Yolk 85g
Lemon Juice 20g
Salt 3g
Water 60g
Edible Flowers
Wild Garlic oil (200nl Neutral Oil Blitzed with 2 Handfuls of Wild Garlic, Strain Through Muslin Cloth)
Egg Yolk & 100g Grated Parmesan for Emulsion (Sauce) 3


1.Start by Placing the 75g Butter, 75g Foie, 85 Egg Yolk, 60g Water, 3g Salt and 20g Lemon Juice in Vacuumed Sealed Bag and Stand @ 30Min 70oc. Place entire Contents into Espumas and Charge with 3 x co2 Chargers, Hold @60oc until Needed.

2.Roll out Pasta until Silky to Touch and Cut into Angle Hair or Tagliatelle, Curl into 4-6 Nests. Set Aside.

3.Bring Pan of Salted water to a Rolling Boil.

4.Heat a Medium Skillet until Hot and Quickly BBQ lobster Meat. Keep Warm

5.Place Pasta into Boiling Water for 2 Minutes then into a Bowl with the Egg Yolk and Parmesan, Emulsify using a little Pasta Water, Season to Taste.

6.Now to Plate, Comb some Pasta to with Some Tongs, Generous Squeeze of Foie Béarnaise, Garnish with Lobster, Garlic oil, Lobster oil and Seasonal Flowers.

Chef Ryan Stafford

Is the head chef at Allison Price, one of the country`s leading event caterers.

Ryan who is Cordon Bleu trained is passionate about food and ingredients. He has worked for Gordon Ramsay and was the jnr sous chef at Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen' before working for the Ritchie Family as their private Head Chef.

Ryan was on the well known BBC TV series “MasterChef” and reached the Semi-Finalist.

He was the Winner of "Young Chef of the Year" award, Paris in 2008 and has cooked for some leading celebrities including members of the royal family.

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